Key skills for financial IT

If it's time for you to move to a better firm, you should know that financial IT teams are hiring. In addition to the job description, you should know that the soft skills below that resonate strongly with hiring managers at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Nomura, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, UBS, and other tier-1 firms.

1)    Action orientation: demonstrating a readiness to make decisions, take the initiative, and originate action. In the fast-paced investment banking environment, this type of work attitude is the norm.

2)    Problem-solving and analysis: having the ability to make systematic and rational judgments based on relevant information. These skills are pre-requisite for mastering complex technologies effectively.

3)    Planning and organizing: having the ability to set up and monitor timescales and plans. Managers appreciate those who can manage their own projects and lighten their personal load.

4)    Specialist knowledge: understanding technical or professional aspects of the work to a high level and keeping up-to-date with change. Being the one with the right technical skills will make you a strong contender.

5)    Flexibility: the ability to adapt to changing demands and conditions.  This skill will be a tremendous help to your first 180 days on the job, allowing you to adjust to unfamiliar work situations that a new environment provides.

Some high-level positions we have at TradeWinds demand abilities in addition to these.  These 5 skills are usually the basis for discussions during an interview.

By Timothy Trahan, Recruiting and Outsourcing Consultant
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