Future Career Options for Financial IT Developers

Congratulations! You have a job as a developer within a top-tier bank, but you are still curious about what will happen next in your career. Successful financial IT developers get future responsibilities within four main paths:

-Providing technical leadership to teams and groups as a software architect
-Leading a team of developers to provide top-notch applications for business as a development manager or team lead.
-Advising development teams and taking a prominent yet IT-focused role as a business analyst.
-Using your strong communication skills and technology expertise to support users on a day-to-day basis as a support manager.

Choosing a path depends on a person's skills as either demands specialized abilities. Those who attain these positions are rewarded with long-term opportunities for career growth.

Software Architect:
Consistently choosing to work closely with technology may lead you to an architect role. Architects are normally promoted to the position by merit. The position demands constant learning about new technology, and skills developed in a way that they are able to cover increasingly complex engineering challenges. Financial IT is just as technically rigorous as any other commercial development environment.

Team Lead:
If you are interested in staying in a pure development role and have leadership skills, you can become a team lead and possibly a development team manager. Team leads are great at producing code but also good at getting people around them to work efficiently. People in this role typically have above-par communication skills to handle business managers.

Business Analyst:
Communication skills are vital for business analysts, and this means talking with demanding traders and busy managers. Business analysis is a good place for you who are technology-focused but wanting to move away from full-time development. Business analysts do project work involving requirements-gathering, user-acceptance testing, training, and some support.

Support Manager:
Support leadership roles are a great place if you want to be appreciated for solving day-to-day problems. You must have a support-focused outlook on life, which means solving all of the problems that prevent business from happening, and in a timely manner. For those who enjoy the troubleshooting and development of quick work-arounds, this may be a good future for you.

Although no two organizations have the exact same positions, the above areas outline the most common future successes for developers.  For those who appreciate difficult technical challenges, an architect or team lead role is a good role to achieve. For developers with a strong interest in business or who are simply more face-to-face oriented, business analysis or support may be a good future field.

by Aki Fujimoto, Recruiting and Outsourcing Manager
On LinkedIn: http://jp.linkedin.com/in/akifujimoto